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      Tracy's Story  

Hi my name is Tracy and I am married to Vaughan. Vaughan and I have beenmarried for 23 years and have four children. Their ages range from 17 to almost 5.

When I met Vaughan his Stargardts was well established (though at that time neither of us knew it was Stargardts the Dr's put down Vaughan's poor vision as the result of an accident that happened when he was a pre-schooler).

I guess I didn't realize how bad Vaughan's vision was because he had learned to function like a normal sighted person. Over the years Vaughan's vision has got worse, please believe me when I say this, I know somw people out there say it doesn't get worse, but having lived with someone for 23 years with Stargards I can tell you from personal experience it does, or at leased has the potential to. I am not saying this to frighten anyone, only to inform.

Despite the fact that over time Vaughan's vision has detiorated, it has not stopped him working full-time, and us enjoying a full and happy life. Sure it has its frustrations at times, (like when he 'loses' stuff and can't see to find it), but what relationship doesn't have its ups and downs. I must also give thanks to God as I am very aware of His grace and love and mercy.

He has taken a situation that could be very frusrating, on a number of fronts, and grown me, and contiues to grow me in patience and understanding. I hope that in some way what I have shared may be helpful. I would be more than happy to talk personally with anyone about Stargardts and living with a person who has it. There are resources available to help make day to day life a bit more manageable but, I think, most importantly, is the fact that there are others out there with it, you do not have to go it alone. Vaughan and I would be more than happy to offer you any support we can through the Stargarts web site and speaking with you personally over the phone if that is what you wished. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope that in some way it has been helpful. Best Wishes and God Bless, Tracy.


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