a company in Asia has released details of a new treatment for stargardt's DiseaseThey claim it is capable of a resting and reversing the disease.

The treatment involves eye drops based on nano Technology.the eye drops contain very small particles of bentonite clay.The particles are so small they are able to enter the I threw the cornea. The particles then find with molecules of lipofuscion which is the waste product formed in the retina whenbright light falls on the retina.When this builds up in the retina it results in death of the photo cells which causes stargardt's disease. By removing this waste product it allows the retina to regenerate overtime.

The eye drops called "Nano grade eye drops" can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. See website link below

The following information
is from the Lorati company

1. Within 2 hours after applying nano-grade eye drops, lipofuscin can be excreted

from RPE (retinal pigment epithelium) to surface of cornea.

2. Nanoparticles of nano-grade eye drops can help Muller glia, retinal stem cells,

to remove so-called inhibitory molecules so that its regenerative potentials

can be turned on and regeneration of optic nerve, photoreceptor cells, etc.

can be initiated.

Up to now, all Stagardt's patients treated by nano-grade eye drops are so happy

because their vision can be restored.

Of course, nano-grade eye drops can not cure Stargardt's because Stargardt's is

similar to metabolic syndrome.

week. Western medication can't do anything for Stargardt's.

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