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Terry's Story


I’m Terry and i type terribly. Thanks to Vision Aust 3day touchtyping
course....an excellent course.. age 54 diagnosed 9 years ago. A self
employed painter and decorator for 37 years. Now live in a small town in s.w . Victoria with my wife. 4 kids all grown up and left. I still paint the odd
farm house or shed, Seem to be well liked ,as country people are far less
demanding and accept all sorts. I dort drive but i ride a bike and love it. In
fact I have several bikes. I feel very lucky to have been able to raise my
kids without too many problems. Although my youngest daughter would have preffered the school bus to dad/s driving ..

Sure there are times to feel sorry for yourself, like not watching the
mighty Swans..but we develop ways to cope and enjoy what we still can see. I really miss seeing faces, although good friends will let me get close enough to really see them. Public transport is minimal in the countfry, so I make the most of every trip. Now we are hoping for grandies, and Stargardts will not prevent me from enjoying them...

Cheerio for now,
p.s. emait me if you wish on t.kearns@bigpond.com



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