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Visual Aids

There are many devices which can assist a visually impaired person in their daily life. Apart from optical devices such as magnifying glasses and telescopes, there are now modern electronic devices which can make it possible to read even the smallest print and operate a computer effectively. Listed below are companies which can supply these devices in Australia.


What visual aids are helpful?

There are many devices available to aid visually impaired people. The simplest passive devices are magnifying lenses, some versions of these are set into spectacle frames so you can hold an object or book with both hands without having to fumble with a lens as well. There are also small telescopes and monoculars which are helpful for reading street signs and train schedule boards.

The best active devices are the units with a TV camera and video screen. These can make just about anything readable, even the finest print.  The latest version is called The View. There are now hand held portable versions of thesesuch as the Strix and Pico. All these units are very expensive but older models are readily available second hand. You can usually find these in the for sale section of the Vision Australia newsletter..

There are some very good programs available for enlarging the size of computer displays. If you can't afford programs like Jaws or Zoom Text, try Virtual Magnifying Glass. It is a free download and can be just as helpful as the expensive software packages. If you need to use magnifying software on several computers, check out iZoom2go. If this is too expensive for you, consider the offer below.


In conjunction with a leading supplier of electronic media, Stargardts Australia can supply a USB Flash drive containing freeware screen magifuers for a special price of $9.50 inc. GST. The advantage of having this software on a USB drive is that it can be easily transported from one computer to another without having to install anything. Just plug the drive in! For more information or to place an orderm click this email link:


Visual Aids
The following companies provide products and services which aid vision impaired persons
Optek Systems
Vision Australia
Technical Aid for the Disabled
Visitech (Aust. email for information)
Visitech (U.S. website for product info.)
Quantum Technology
Adaptive Technology Links
Mediview (Lenses to assist low vision)
iZoom Software Magnifiers
Bioptic Lenses