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Website Format

This website has been designed for persons with vision impairment who have computer based aids. All backgrounds are in white so that software set in negative mode will give a black background with white text.

A large font has not been used since most vision impaired persons with computer access will be using magnifying software. The text is in black using a font which has no seriffs and in most cases is in bold to keep the letters thick. Text is left justified to reduce confusion when using magnifying software.

Only black and blue have been used throughout the website to reduce colour confusion. Red has been avoided as this is a known problem colour for people with Stargardt's Disease.


The original design and layout for this website was provided by a leading Australian web designer who generously donated his services at no charge. If you like the look of this website and would like the designer to create your commercial website, please send enquiries to the following email address: sales@copysoft.com.au

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