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Is there a "trigger" for Stargardt's Disease?



Stargardt's Disease is generally regarded as a childrens' disease. The onset usually takes place between trhe ages of 6 and 20. However, many cases exist where the onset may be in the 30s or 40s.

There may be a case to suggest that both early and late onset of the disease could be linked to an event or "trigger" which starts the vision loss process. The disease is in the genetics, but something may trigger the degeneration.

Exposure to bright sunlight over a prolonged period is the most likely trigger, but head injury or trauma may also be a cause.

Feedback on this subject
"my sister has this illness for about a year and a half, she is 31 now. We are from Hungary, so your theory is true in this case. I agree, that something brings it out, and I've been wondering so much. You see, this problem came up when my sister returned to work after her pregnancies, she is dental technician, so I was wondering that maybe they use some kind of light that brought her illness to the surface." - Annamaria

"I know I was 20/20 3 years ago when we moved from Wyoming to Montana. The only difference is that my daughters are all in swim team and here in Montana they have outdoor swim meets so the last two summers I have spent every weekend outside. We camp out on these weekends and so are outside except to go to bed.

I also was in a small car accident two years ago and received whip lash. So I dont' know if either one of these is why it showed up. I would assume the outdoor swim meets is the main culprit as I never did wear sunglasses either to any of these. The reflection on the water is probably not the best for me." - Tracy


"I was never much of a sunbather. But one summer when i was 21, I vacationed at a lake for a week. I lay out in the sun all day with my face aimed at the sun. (Tan was very much in style in 1969). Of course, I kept my eyes closed. But I didn't wear any protective eye wear. About a month later, I noticed my vision deteriorating, and I went to the doc and was diagnosed with SD. " - Larry

I was diagnosed with dry MD when 45. Later told Stargartd's.

At 45 I noticed a shadow in my left eye, and felt like I needed stronger glasses. Optimologist to RS. Who said dry MD (too young for AMD, old for inheritted). Dr. Nolan told me Stargardt's... He said my eyes have the classic look in the retina, and my description of how they deteriorated matched. He also said most Doctors see so few cases, that they may not recognize it, especially in older patients.

I was first aware of the problem in the summer of 2002, at that point the right eye was still 20/20. A year later it was 20/40, and by spring of 2004 it was 20/200. (In 2002 the left was already 20/200)" - Janet


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