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The purpose of this page is to provide opportunities for thise with Stargardt's Disease to assist in Medical Research.
Stargardt's Disease is a very rare condition. There are probably fewer than 2,000 adults and children in Australia with this disease. For this reason it is difficult for doctors and researchers to gather information on it. Most opthalmologists will have seen only one or two patients with this disease in a lifetime of practice. It is often mis-diagnoed or given a generic name such as Juvenile Macular Degeneration, so that patients are not even aware of it's true name and cause.
This website offers an ideal opportunity to help fight this disease by gathering information from thise with Stargardt's Disease The information you provide can then ve passed on to those in medical research.

There is no scientific basis for any of the comments or theories in this section of the website. It is simply an opportunity for those with the disease to provide personal experience on the topic which may be helpful for medical research.

We invite your comments on any of the following subjects and welcome suggestions for other topics.