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  About Stargardt's Disease  
       A full medical description of the disease and it's cause. Click here  
Symptoms of the Disease
     A description of early and more advanced symptoms  Click here
Treatment for Stargardt's Disease

     Current treatment available for Stargardt's Disease. Click here


News & Developments


     Developments in the treatment of Stargardt's Disease

     and interesting related news items. Click here

     DNA testing

         General information. Click here  

         A list of sites offering DNA testing for Stargardt's Disease

         and other inherited eye diseases. Click here

Tell Us Your Story

     Contributors describe their experience of Stargardt's Disease, either

     as a sufferer of the disease or as a friend or relative of a person

     with the disease.  Click here

     Interesting topics of special interest. Click here


     Offers the opportunity to discuss issues related to Stargardt's Disease. Blick here
     Personal testimonies from those who have tried Echo

    therapy and other treatments for SD. Click here

Feedback - Can You Help?
     Offers an opportunity for those with Stargardt's

     to describe their experience of the disease and possibly help

     in future research Click here



     Links to Australian and international websites

    with information on SD and Macular Degeneration.  Links to Australian

    suppliers of visual aids are also available on this page  Click here

Living with Stargardt's Disease
     Information aimed at helping others cope with this disease. Click here
       Documents and other files avaiailable on this website. Click here  
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